We believe training must be substantive and delivered in a compelling manner.  

We utilize our subject matter expertise to establish a customized training program that addresses regulatory expectations and is commensurate to a financial institution's nature, size and complexity.  We rely on our senior team to give dynamic presentations that engage our audience.

We offer training on corporate governance, risk management and compliance, among other subjects.  Training can be offered in person or via video-conference and can be tailored to different audiences including the Board of Directors, senior management and licensed/unlicensed employees.


In Singapore and elsewhere, Boards of Directors are expected to receive regular training to ensure the directors can do their jobs effectively.  For further details of this Board of Directors training expectation, click here.

We offer training to Boards of Directors and senior management covering a range of topics including risk management, corporate governance and compliance. Our Board training is provided by members of our senior team who have themselves served on the Board of Directors of financial institutions and/or have extensive experience advising Boards and senior management.


We design and deliver compelling  training solutions to meet your business needs and track training records for licensed representatives to ensure they fulfil their requirements, including Singapore's Continuous Professional Training and Financial Advisers Continuous Professional Training requirements.

    To discuss how we can assist you with training, please contact us at:

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